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Last year we saw passing of Stephen Garriss the owner of Nautilus Metal Detectors, in April this year Jerry Tyndall the founder of Tyndall Electronics, the inventor and original manufacturer of Nautilus Metal Detectors also passed away.  I had the pleasure of speaking to Jerry a number of times on the phone and he was a true gentleman and an electronics guru.  He was concerned about the future of Nautilus Metal Detectors following Stephen’s death and worried that what he had achieved would be lost.  Unfortunately I cannot offer any comfort here and as far as I know Nautilus are not producing any Metal Detectors nor are likely to do so.

We will continue to act as a knowledge base for Nautilus metal detectors, and maybe in the future …..

We are delighted to announce that we are supplying the Nexus range of professional metal detectors, please visit our eShop to find out more.

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Lately we have seen some interesting “innovations” from various manufactures such as;

Enhanced iron discrimination

Ground Balance “offset”

Non motion mode

Stereo mixed audio mode

Variable Transmit Power

These improvements are offered by different brands, only one however, Nautilus, has all these “new” features – and they have been offering these features for some time and at a price considerable less than £1000!

Nautilus use vernier dials for adjusting the Discrimination and Ground Balance levels, these allow extremely precise adjustment and once set stay put.  This allows the user to dial-in exactly the amount of discrimination needed for any site.  The manual Ground Balance control allows the user to make easy “offsets” to the ground balance if necessary to stabilise the detector and/or improve discrimination.

Very few detectors on the market now offer true non-motion operation.  In Nautilus’s All Metal mode the user can select motion or true non-motion operation.  In non-motion you can hold the coil over a target as long as you like and the detector will not tune it out, an extremely valuable feature for precise pin-pointing and gauging target size. 

Nautilus with its DMC system invented “stereo mixed audio”, whereby the detector is operating in All Metal and motion-discrimination simultaneously, but through distinct channels.  Nautilus’s DMC remains unique in that it uses an analogue system, so no processors in the detector distort the signal received by the detector.  Because of this Nautilus’s system provides much more information to the user and is the choice of serious and professional users. 

Nautilus has a unique battery system which allows the detector to put out an extremely powerful search field; this is controlled by the Transmit Power control.  This allows Nautilus detectors to achieve exceptional depth when conditions allow the use of maximum Transmit Power. 

We are the exclusive distributor for Nautilus metal detectors in the UK and EU

Nautilus metal detectors are manufactured by hand in the USA for the serious detector user who wants exceptional performance and complete control from his detector, not surplus functions and features that do nothing to increase the number of finds.

Nautilus DMC detectors offer:
Extreme depth and sensitivity
Exceptional versatility
Superb build quality
The best detection system for identifying and rejecting iron
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Tel.  0871 284 4323
What our customers have been saying

"I recently found a tiny piece of a hammered half groat, the Nautilus signaled this as if it was a dustbin lid!  It has found about a dozen hammered while I was using it and well over 30 small Roman bronzes, plus a first for me and a credit to the machine a Silver Stater of the Durotrigues tribe."  Geoff
 Roman coins  Silver stater 1

"Excellent manual, well balanced, great performance - I am well pleased"  Jim, Scotland

" Depth, it's a beast"  B, Glouc.

"Top service"  BB, France
We are pleased to announce that we are now also supplying the Pulse Star II Pro from TB Metal Detectors, Germany.  The Pulse Star II Pro is a professional pulse induction metal detector specifically designed to find medium and large targets at depth.  Click the Pulse Star II Pro link for more information.


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